What is the “A Better Us” Campaign?

The funds raised through the “A Better Us” campaign are used specifically for program and imagesM5AVDGTImembership assistance for youth and families in need. These contributions allow children in need to participate in programs such as soccer, basketball, swim lessons, gymnastics, after school,  and summer camp.

As a person with vested interest in the future of your community, you can help these kids grow into responsible, successful adults. YMCA activities help children develop valuable skills, gain confidence and build self esteem. By contributing to the YMCA “A Better Us” Campaign, you can help us teach these young people important values such as caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Where will we lead them? Will we show them opportunity, promise, hope? Will we share our values, our vision, our dreams?


MAIL in a check:

Checks can be made out to YMCA of Chilton County

405 Ollie Ave Clanton, Al 35045

 PHONE IN YOUR PLEDGE: 205-755-2382


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