A28ED5A8-9E84-444E-AEB5-9BF5F8CD2FF2                              Joining Fee        Monthly Dues

Youth/Student*           $25                  $27 

Family**                        $45                  $50join_page_featured

Adult                              $35                   $35

Couple                           $40                   $45

Sr. Adult***                 $25                   $28

Sr. Couple***               $30                   $35

Golden Oldies             $25                  FREE

Youth under 18 years old/Full time students must show class schedule or student ID at registration.

**Family memberships: 4 persons living in the same household. $5 per person over 4.

***Sr. Adult age 55+       ****Golden Oldie age 80+

Schedule a free orientation to the equipment when you sign up for a membership. There are no contracts. Payment can be made by draft from a checking account/credit card or by cash, check or credit card at the front desk.


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