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A note from the Director

Lori R. Patterson, CEO. YMCA of Chilton County

Lori became CEO of YMCA of Chilton County in August of 2016. In a recent interview with her, she shared who she is and what drives her to do her work at the Y.

“I absolutely love my work at the Y, and I am honored to be able to serve my county and its people in this capacity. I believe it is our responsibility to address critical social issues in our community. I believe Chilton County‚Äôs critical social issues include family structure, health, economy, and diversity.

While leading the YMCA of Chilton County, I will strive, along with the help of our board members, staff, volunteers, and participants to address these issues and better Chilton County.  Currently, LBR, summer camp, and Y afterschool programs are programs that address these issues. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve here.” – Lori R. Patterson.

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