NEW!!! Cardio Crazy: Circuit Training set to a variety of music. It is a combination of high-intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to be easy to follow, give you a great workout and target fat loss, muscle building and heart/lung fitness.

NEW!!! Fitness and Flexibility: Combination of stretching and core training. It will focus on a variety of stretching methods, core muscle training and stabilization. Stretching helps to gradually increase muscle strength and extend the range of movement at the joints while core training focuses on stabilization to improve the body’s overall functional strength.

Afterschool Care: Registration will be open through out the school year.  Children can ride a dedicated bus from Clanton, Thorsby, Jemison and CCA schools.  Children from all schools are welcome.

Fall Soccer: Registration July 21st – Augusta 22nd! Ages 4-16.                          Members $32/Non Members $62  All coaches are volunteers, if you are interested please let us know!

Y-Cross for Athletes/Students                                                                              Starting May 5th we will be offering Y-Cross for athlete/students ages 13 & up. This class will focus on sports specific strength training and into to proper weight lifting and exercise.

Classes will be Mondays and Thursdays @ 4pm                                                            Monthly Fee: $25

Y-CROSS  ADULTS:Taught by a certified CrossFit instructor, this class is everything you have seen on tv. Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. This class combines Olympic weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics movements.
$25 per month.

PICK-UP BASKETBALL: Starting in January, the Y will have a reserved basketball court on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons for pick-up basketball games. Bring a friend and enjoy the fun!

Baton: Alabama Baton and Dance has joined forces with the YMCA.

Gymnastics Classes: Parent and Tot, Special needs, Cheernastics, Boys Tumbling, Levels, and Team.